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Not everyone comes to the University of Wyoming knowing what to study. Some of us are so relentlessly curious, we have a tough time confining our interests to just one major.

That’s why UW created Exploratory Studies.

What is Exploratory Studies?

Exploratory Studies isn’t a major per se, rather it’s a program designed to help you explore academic areas that might lead to your dream degree.

So, instead of assigning the catch-all designation “undeclared major” or “undecided,” we’ve curated UW academic programs into six “big picture” categories or tracks from which you can explore.

As an Exploratory Studies student, you will take classes in your chosen track, possibly live on the same floor with other students in that track and work closely with your advisor as you begin to winnow your list of possible majors.

It’s OK that you haven’t decided your life’s path. There is so much to explore off the beaten trail.

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As an Exploratory Studies student, you will take classes related to your track. Here are some examples for each track:

Communication, Media & the Arts Track

  • Agricultural Communication
  • Digital Media

Math, Data Science & Business Track

  • Principles of Accounting I
  • Energy and Society

Government, Public Policy and Justice Track

  • Sociological Principles
  • American and Wyoming Government

Human Service, Wellness and Social Sciences Track

  • General Psychology
  • Principles of Nutrition

Science and the Environment Track

  • General Chemistry
  • Environment

Culture, Society and Diversity Track

  • Foundations in American Indian Studies
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Learn more about UW courses you might take.

Admission Requirements

The majority of UW's undergraduate degree programs adhere to the university's general admission criteria for undergraduates.

Application Deadline
At the University of Wyoming, we strive to make undergraduate admission easily attainable for students, which is why we have a rolling basis for most undergraduate programs. This allows students to apply at any time leading up to the next available semester start date. However, students who wish to be eligible for scholarships or commitments awarded by UW must confirm their enrollment for fall start dates no later than May 1.

Are you an international student?
Learn more about international student admission requirements.

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20-50% of students are estimated to start college undecided.

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Exploratory Studies Program Highlights

At UW, we’ve eliminated the “undeclared” and “undecided” monikers in favor of offering a pathway to discovery called Exploratory Studies. As an Exploratory Studies student, you will choose from six academic tracks in which you’ll take courses your freshman year. You will also work with your advisor on learning more about majors in your track, class choices and possible careers.

The ultimate goal: To gain greater clarity about your true academic calling. Here are some reasons to participate in Exploratory Studies:

Curated Tracks

Choose an Exploratory Studies track and take at least four classes in your track. UW has grouped academic subject areas into six general fields of study to make it easier for you to narrow down your major choices:

Communication, Media and the Arts
Math, Data Science and Business
Government, Public Policy and Justice
Human Service, Wellness, and Social Science Sciences
Science and the Environment
Culture, Society and Diversity

Study Abroad

UW offers more than 400 study abroad locations. Choose from faculty-led travel courses in a subject associated with your Exploratory Studies track or plan to study in another country for a full semester. (Tip: UW offers amazing scholarships for travel study).

Campus Involvement

Get busy! UW has 250-plus student clubs and organizations. A lot of students find their passions by getting involved on campus in areas related—and unrelated—to their studies.

Learning Communities

Live on a floor in UW residence halls with other students in your track with whom you can share ideas and experiences.

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