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Parents and Family

As the parent of a child studying abroad, we would like to thank you for being supportive of their decision. Allowing your child to participate in study abroad programs allows them to grow in their cultural awareness, responsibility, and self-sufficiency. On this page, you will find resources and tools to further support your student’s journey through education abroad!

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Pictures of students studying abroadThe advantages of an education abroad experience for participants are easy to enumerate: increased self-confidence, an awareness of and sensitivity to people and places outside the home society and an introduction to alternative ways of living and learning. The community and the country benefit as well from students going abroad to study. With increasing global interdependence, knowledge and adeptness at dealing with non-Americans is crucial to business, politics and society. The United States is part of the world and must deal with global questions and concerns on a daily basis. Although there are disputes about the direction of these interactions, it is indisputable that successful negotiations between countries depend on knowledge of other cultures, customs, politics and society. Education Abroad can be an inaugural step in obtaining this knowledge. In the past decade education abroad programs have enabled increasing numbers of students to experience the challenges and opportunities of meeting and living in another culture. Once the domain of a select few students, the present-day education abroad scene encompasses diversity both in student population and locations visited. Here are just a few key benefits that last a lifetime:

  • Studies show that students who take their education abroad often graduate earlier
    and with a higher GPA than their on-campus peers.
  • Education abroad is a high-impact practice and students who study abroad report that the programs helped them make career and life choices, attain skills in intercultural communication, improve problem solving skills and field research techniques, and gain respect for cultural differences.
  • Study abroad students return home with a greater vigor for academic pursuits and a renewed interest in lifelong learning. Nearly 63 percent of students
    said that the experience had influenced their decisions to expand or change their academic majors. In fact, nearly 90 percent of students indicated that
    their experiences abroad had influenced all their subsequent educational experiences. Read the study here.

Parents’ roles in Education Abroad

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Our staff believes that it is the student's role to make the major decisions required to study abroad. While we are more than happy to speak with parents about the process, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to complete all the work required to study abroad. Due to FERPA, Education Abroad at the University of Wyoming cannot release information to any third party (including parents) regarding your student or their program without their explicit consent. If you have questions about your child's program or plans, the best place to start is by asking them. Even though it is the student's responsibility to complete the required steps to study abroad, we know they could not do it without your help and support. Thank you.

Cross-cultural communication, language skills, adaptability, ability to navigate difficult situations, and independence are only a few skills hiring managers are looking for. Students who study abroad gain multiple opportunities to hone these skills on any of our programs. Students continue to earn credit toward their degree while traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and having fun.


Topics to Discuss with your Student before Departure

Picture of students with flag and student in front of ancient buildingYou may have many questions about your student who wishes to study abroad. We hope this information can serve as a resource to everyone. One of the most important things we stress is open communication between you and your student. The following are a list of topics you should discuss together before they depart:


(Check out our Money Matters page for further information)

  • Access to money while abroad
  • Budget (We provide students with a budget calculator when selecting a program)

  • Tuition payments - We will cover this in our 1-on-1 advising appointments with students and
    also during our mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation

  • Credit cards

  • Local currency and currency exchanges

Health & Safety

(Check out our Health and Safety page for further information)

  • Recent wellness medical exam

  • Medications needed while abroad - Students may need a note from their doctor to bring their prescriptions with them

  • Special medical conditions

  • Health insurance while overseas - Learn more about the University of Wyoming’s travel insurance here. We charge this to all of our student accounts if their program providers do not already offer coverage.
  • Check out the US Department of State’s website about the most up-to-date travel information from the US government.

Important Contact Information

  • Onsite contacts - Who will students reach out to while they are in their host country?
  • University of Wyoming Education Abroad Office emergency contacts
  • Your student’s personal contact information abroad (telephone, mailing address, email address)
  • Closest U.S. Consulate or Embassy
  • Students should enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) through the Department of State.

We give students vital information before they leave on all of the above and much more through a mandatory pre-departure orientation. If you would like access to this course to see the information provided, please contact us at uwyoabd@uwyo.edu.