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AHC collections are unique in documenting the editors and writers of this industry increasingly recognized by scholars as having a significant impact on the nation’s popular culture.
Some of our prominent Comic Book Industry holdings are detailed below. Additional holdings can be located by searching our online inventories (select University of Wyoming as the institution), or by viewing Frequent Searches for Comic Book Industry Collections in the UW Catalog.


Noteworthy Collections

Stan Lee  comic book writer

Stan Lee Papers

Stan Lee is the creator of the popular comic book heroes Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and the Fantastic Four, and the long-time publisher of Marvel Comics. The collection includes manuscripts and working drafts, fan mail, business correspondence, and audio and video interviews of Lee.

Mort Weisinger Superman comic books

Mort Weisinger Papers

Mort Weisinger (1915-1978) was the editor of Superman comic books from 1945-1970 and the story editor of "The Aventures of Superman" television show which ran from 1952-1957. Weisinger began writing for pulp magazines while in college and became a contributing editor to "This Week" magazine. He was also the author of "The Contest," a novel about beauty pageants, "The Complete Alibi Handbook" and "1001 Valuable Things That You Can Get Free," which was first printed in 1955.

Harold Straubing comics

Harold Elk Straubing Papers

Harold Straubing was a writer and comics editor. During World War II, he was a scriptwriter for the character "Private Snafu". He was editor for the Herald Tribune Syndicate and for AP Newsfeatures in the 1950s. Straubing was also a comic book editor and worked with Leslie Charteris to develop a comic book version of "The Saint". His books included histories of the Civil War and World War I.

Michael Maltese cartoons

Michael Maltese Papers

Maltese was a prominent story editor for cartoons, who worked for Warner Brothers for 21 years, doing a number of cartoons with I. “Friz” Freleng and Fred “Tex” Avery. His most memorable work was done with director Chuck Jones. From 1946-1958, Maltese helped create some of the most popular characters for Warner Brothers, including Pepe Le Pew, Road Runner and Coyote, and Yosemite Sam. Maltese moved to Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Studio in 1958 where he helped create such television series as The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound and Quick-Draw McGraw.

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