UW Foundation

Who We Are

The University of Wyoming Foundation, established in 1962, is appointed by the University Board of Trustees to raise, receive, and manage private gifts to maximize support for the University of Wyoming. It is an independent, nonprofit corporation with a Board of Directors comprised of up to 20 members.

Through the generosity of our many alumni and friends, the UW Foundation raises an average of nearly $50 million a year in private support—funding that goes to students and the faculty, staff, and programs that support them.

The UW Foundation is a trailblazer. We are breaking through, setting a new standard for what a university foundation can accomplish. We think big, we embrace bold initiatives, and we strive to be the best in all that we do.

We lift up the University of Wyoming with the power of philanthropy.


Higher Purpose Statement

Foster an environment of trust and service that empowers others to make a difference. 


Our Values

  • Excellence: Strive to make an impact in extraordinary ways.

  • Gratitude: Practice intentional, personal, and actionable expressions of appreciation and recognition.

  • Growth: Empower individuals to meet a greater potential.

  • Inclusivity: Nurture a culture of belonging by prioritizing equitable access to resources, growth, and opportunities.

  • Integrity: Commit to strong ethical principles through trust and accountability.

  • Respect: Demonstrate consideration and grace by listening, learning, and understanding.

  • Transparency: Encourage communication that is open, honest, consistent, and intentional.


UW Foundation Departments

Our fundraising, investment, and stewardship efforts are responsibly and effectively implemented by the following departments.

  • Annual Giving – UW Annual Giving focuses on acquiring regular yearly contributions, thus creating a vital and dependable source of private support to help the University of Wyoming fulfill its mission of being one of the nation’s finest public land-grant research universities. Contact Clancee Rea, Director of Annual Giving and the Donor Experience Program, at (307) 766-3979 or email clancee.rea@uwyo.edu.  

  • Corporate Engagement and Development – Some of the most significant impacts across the University of Wyoming campus have come from the remarkable support of corporations. Gifts campus-wide have built buildings, created new programs, and underwritten research that changes the world as we know it. Contact Angela Ver Ploeg, Senior Director of Corporate Engagement, at (307) 766-1939 or email angela.verploeg@uwyo.edu.

  • Development – The Development team works closely with individual donors and with the university to focus on the priorities of each, helping to guide the significant and thoughtful commitments that have a major impact on the future of Wyoming’s university. Contact John Small, Senior Associate Vice President for Development, at (307) 766-3934 or email john.small@uwyo.edu.  

  • Donor Relations and Stewardship – The Stewardship team exists to foster meaningful relationships and encourage lifelong engagement with supporters of the University of Wyoming through accurate gift acceptance and management, timely donor acknowledgement, personalized donor engagement and impactful donor reporting.  Contact Kristin Morrison, Director of Donor Relations, at (307) 766-3911 or email jer2911@uwyo.edu or uwf-stewardship@uwyo.edu

  • Facilities – The Facilities team oversees the operations of the Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center—the university’s "front door"—and together with the university events staff coordinates all types of campus and community events at the center. Contact Josh Carroll, Director of Facilities, at (307) 766-4556 or carrollj@uwyo.edu.

  • Financial Services – The Financial Services team is staffed by a group of skilled and experienced financial professionals. They support the cultivation and development activities of the foundation and the university by providing a wide range of services. In addition, the Financial Services team oversees the Gift Processing area. Contact Troy Caserta, Vice President for Financial Services, at (307) 766-3971 or email tcaserta@uwyo.edu.

  • Foundation Development – Foundations have made such a lasting impact on Wyoming’s students and the colleges, programs, and facilities that support them. Student by student, foundation-supported scholarships have built a wealth of human capital. Contact Katrina McGee, Senior Director of Foundation Development and Research Collaborations, at (307) 766-4266 or email kmcgee1@uwyo.edu.

  • Gift Planning – The UW Foundation’s gift planning staff assists donors in integrating charitable gifts into their financial, tax, and estate-planning objectives, maximizing benefits to both donors and the University of Wyoming. Gift planning provides donors with an immediate tax deduction and other benefits such as life income, continued use of gift property, or elimination of capital gains tax.  Contact Brett Befus, Associate Vice President for Development, at (307) 766-4259 or email pg@uwyo.edu.

  • Information Services – The Information Services team provides data, knowledge, and information pertaining to all of the university’s alumni and donors through a centralized database system. Contact Nancy Brizuela, Director of Information Services, at (307) 766-3940 or email nancy.brizuela@uwyo.edu or fdn-info-services@uwyo.edu.

  • Investment Services– Providing a reliable, growing source of income to the University of Wyoming is one of the foundation’s main objectives, and its Investment Services team, through the board’s investment policies, proactively and prudently manages the university’s private assets in order to preserve or increase the real principal value of its endowment. This in turn provides permanent capital and a dependable stream of income for the university and its programs, despite trends in the economy or administrative changes. Contact Philip Treick, Chief Investment Officer, at (307) 766-3989 or email ptreick@uwyo.edu

  • Prospect Management – The Prospect Management, Research, and Analytics team ensures the best possible fit between donors and the university, facilitating that relationship and the fulfillment of the goals of both. Contact Cayden Farrin, Director of Prospect Development, Research, and Analytics, at (307) 766-3614 or email cferrin2@uwyo.edu.

  • Strategic Initiatives and Communications – The Strategic Initiatives and Communications team helps coordinate the strategic vision of the foundation and communicates that vision in a variety of media to university and foundation constituencies. Contact Toby Marlatt, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Communications, at (307) 766-5085 or email tmarlatt@uwyo.edu.

Contact Us

University of Wyoming Foundation

222 S 22nd Street

Laramie, WY 82070

Phone: 307-766-6300

Toll Free: 1-888-831-7795

Fax: 307-766-4045

Email: foundation@uwyo.edu

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