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Employee Relations

Employee Relations continuously works to enhance and improve employee relations by using compassion and integrity to provide guidance, leadership, and resources. Strategic and positive partnerships and collaborations are formed within the university community and the State of Wyoming to help foster a healthy, safe, and productive work environment to retain a high performing and diverse workforce. 

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VOICE A CONCERNVoice a concern

The University of Wyoming is committed to an environment where open, honest communication is the expectation, not the exception. The link above provides you with an optoin to easily and safely file a report regarding your concerns.

Additionally, the link above provides you with various degrees of confidentiality and/ or anonymity. Report a concern regarding conflicts or disputes; get assistance with corrective and disciplinary actions; get assistance with policy interpretation or performance management.


Use Employee Relations Booking to schedule a meeting for any of the following services

  • Performance Management

    Performance management refers to the process of bringing out the best efforts of people and directing those efforts toward meeting the goals of the University and respective units/departments. It includes management of UW's Performance Cycle, Feedback, Annual Performance Evaluations, and Goal Management.   

  • Corrective / Disciplinary Actions

    Corrective action & Disciplinary action are the processes used to identify and correct the poor performance or undesirable behavior of employees. The objective of these actions are to improve performance of or eliminate undesirable behavior and provide employees with a fair and just process.

  • Conflict & Dispute Resolution

    The conflict and dispute resolution process is for employment matters that are not corrective action in nature or that involve allegations of discrimination, harassment, or incidents of threats of workplace violence. For issues of allegations of discrimination or harassment based on a protected status or incidents of threats of workplace violence please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Report and Response

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

    The implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements can offer an important approach to meeting the operational needs of the University of Wyoming and supporting the needs of university employees. 

  • Exiting the University of Wyoming

    University employees that are resigning or retiring from their positions are encouraged to review the Leaving Employment Page. This page will guide employees throught the steps to take when preparing to leave the University, including the organizations they must contact. Exiting employees have constructive feedback they can provide the University and Human Resources encourages them to fill out an exit interview. Please know this feedback is valued!

  • Position Elimination / Retrenchments

    The process of eliminating an occupied position from a Unit or Department is a position elimination. This process will look different for different types of employment classifications, as certain classifications are granted specific rights by the University Employee Handbook.

  • Policy Interpretation

    Employee Relations provides guidance and development on university policies and procedures, including corrective actions, disciplinary actions, grievance process, the employee handbook, and reductions in force. 

    Visit UW Regulations and Standard Polices, contact Employee Relations or call 307-766-2438 for more information on university policies. Your Specialist can also provide additional resources related to university policies. 

  • Probation Extension

    Staff employees serving probationary periods are considered at-will employees during the term of probation and may be terminated without cause and shall have no right to appeal. The probationary period may be either extended or reduced for a period of up to six months when the responsible Vice President determines that such extension or reduction would be in the best interest of the University. If a department has a need to reduce or extend a probationary period, please contact Employee Relations or call 307-766-2438.

  • Daily Quote


    "If you fulfill the wishes of your employees,
    the employees will fulfill your visions."

    - Amit Kalantri

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