Graduate Placement

Graduate Placement

The Neuroscience graduate program has been very successful in placing its graduates. We have graduated students who have faculty positions at:

  • The Ohio State University (two graduates)
  • University of Utah Medical School
  • Columbia University Medical School
  • Texas Christian University
  • University of Mississippi Medical School
  • Indiana University Medical School
  • University of South Florida Medical School
  • Montana State University
  • Middlebury College
  • Louisiana State University
  • Colorado State University
  • Univsersity of California - Riverside
  • Harding University

We also have many former students working for major companies, such as Glaxo Pharmaceuticals and others with professional careers in health care.

Graduates have been successful in obtaining NIH individual postdoctoral fellowships prior to moving to regular faculty position.

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Neuroscience Graduate Program

Debbie Swierczek, Program Coordinator

School of Graduate Education
Knight Hall 247

Phone: 307-766-4128


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