Program Overview

graduate neuroscience Program Overview

Through their faculty advisors trainees become expert in one area of research related to their dissertation project. Neuroscience course work provides broad-based training in core neuroscience areas. There is an introductory course as well as more advanced courses in development, structure and function, neuropharmacology, and molecular neurobiology. Development of oral and written communication skills are integrated into many courses. Students also participate in a neuroscience seminar and visiting speaker series Other courses available outside the neuroscience discipline enable students to develop additional expertise relating to their projects and long-term interests. Possibilities include courses on behavior, microscopy, endocrinology, computational biology, statistics, and molecular biology. Students have the opportunity to develop teaching skills by assisting faculty members deliver class materials, and also by supervising undergraduate research.


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Neuroscience Graduate Program

Debbie Swierczek, Program Coordinator

School of Graduate Education
Knight Hall 247

Phone: 307-766-4128


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