Limited Submission Opportunities

Limited Submission funding opportunities take place when a grant announcement requires a limited number of applications per institution or jurisdiction. This creates an internal competitive process facilitated by EPSCoR and the Research Development Office. Often, limited submission grants are EPSCoR specific. 

Limited Submission process

The EPSCoR Office will announce Limited Submission Opportunities through campus listservs. Interested parties may also find upcoming submission opportunities via InfoReady Review

Typically, announcements will allow 2-3 weeks for pre-proposal development. 

Those who are interested in being considered for a limited submission must provide a pre-proposal through InfoReady Review

Pre-proposals must include the following: 

  •  Project Title

  • PI Name, Department, Contact Information

  • Co-PI Contact Information

  • Collaborating Institutions Contact Information (if applicable)

  • Program track (if applicable)

  • Research focus of the project

  • Project Summary (max 3-pages)

    • Scientific plan/description

    • Overview of methods

    • Programmatic milestones and timeline

    • Visual materials (graphs, etc.)

    • PIs can also include 1-2 paragraphs about how project might contribute to funder goals and research areas

In the case the EPSCoR Office receives more pre-proposal submissions than the limited submission allows, reviews will be conducted using an external committee through The Implementation Group (TIG). This external group will provide feedback and recommendations to the EPSCoR Office for pre-proposal selection. 


The EPSCoR Office will announce selection decisions to PIs individually via email. Selected pre-proposal email will include the Pre-Award Office as a way to introduce PIs to their contact within Pre-Award. 


After selection, PIs are to begin writing a full proposal. EPSCoR offers assistance in proposal development in the following areas: 

- ROAMWyo Proposal set-up

- Facilitating proposal review with The Implementation Group (TIG)

- Collection of technical documents

- Providing templates for budgets, budget justification

Final proposal reviews are conducted by the Pre-Award Office. PIs must have the most complete draft of a proposal in ROAMWyo no later than 5 days before the final deadline at 9:00 AM. The budget and budget justifications are due in ROAMWyo no later than 3 days before the final deadline at 9:00 AM. 

There are very few exceptions to these deadlines. Should a PI need an extension on these deadlines, Pre-Award requires an email to Farrell Rapp ( explaining the extenuating circumstances surrounding late review. 

The Pre-Award Office will also submit the final proposal on the PI's behalf. 

For more information on Pre-Award Services, please visit their website.

Summer Opportunities

• Limit: 2
• Send out announcement: June 10
• Pre-proposals DUE: June 21
• Selection by: 7/8/2024
• DUE in RoamWyo: 8/23/24 (enter)/ 8/30/24 (draft)
• Full proposals DUE: 9/6/2024

• Limit: 1
• Send out announcement: June 17
• Letters of Interest DUE: June 28 
• Full proposals DUE: 10/9/2025 

• Limit: 1
• Send out announcement: June 24
• Letters of Interest DUE: July 8
• Full proposals DUE: 1/30/2025

NSF EPSCoR Collaborations Program (Track 2)
• Limit: 1
• Send out announcement: July 8
• Pre-proposals DUE: July 26
• Selection by: 8/9/24
• Letters of Intent DUE to NSF by: 12/17/2024
• DUE in RoamWyo: 12/3/24 (enter)/ 1/21/25 (draft)
• Full proposals DUE: 1/28/2025

Fall Opportunities

NASA EPSCoR Research Grants
• Limit: 1
• Full proposals DUE: Jan 2025

NASA EPSCoR R3 Proposals
• Limit: 6
• Full proposals DUE: Feb 2025

DOE EPSCoR – Implementation Grants
• Limit: 1 new applicant or 1 renewal applicant
• DOE Pre-Applications DUE: January 25
• Full proposals DUE: early April

DOE EPSCoR – National Labs Partnerships
• Limit: 8
• DOE Pre-Applications DUE: January 17
• Full proposals DUE: February 28

DOE – Early Career Awards

Spring Opportunities

NSF EPSCoR Research Fellows (Track 4)
• Limit: 4
• Full proposals DUE: 4/8/2025

• Limit: 2
• Full proposals DUE: 4/8/2025

Pew Trust
• Limit: 1
• LOIs DUE: mid-April
• Selection by: mid-May
• Full proposals DUE: Fall

DEPSCoR Capacity Building – Request Letters of Interest
• Limit: 1
• LOIs DUE: mid-June
• Full proposals DUE: Fall

DEPSCoR Research Collaboration
• Limit: N/A
• Full proposals DUE: Summer


• Limit: 1