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Research and Inquiry events are sponsored by the UW Offices of Research and Economic Development, Student Affairs, and Academic Affairs; and also by the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Agriculture, College of Engineering and Applied Science, the College of Health Sciences, the Honors College, Wyoming INBRE, the McNair Scholars Program, Phi Beta Kappa, Wyoming EPSCoR, and the Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium.

Program coordinators and collaborators with Undergraduate Research and Inquiry days are listed here:

  • Nichole Lumadue, Wyoming EPSCoR

  • Annie Bergman, Wyoming INBRE

  • Megan Candelaria, Physics & Astronomy

  • Mercedes Cassidy, Science Initiative

  • Jamie Crait, Wyoming Research Scholars Program

  • Elizabeth Nysson, SEO, McNair Scholars

  • Steven Barrett, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

  • Shawna McBride, Wyoming Space Grant Consortium, EPSCoR-IDeA

  • Victoria Gostas, Wyoming Innovation Partnership, EPSCoR-IDeA

  • Nicholas Giraldo, EPSCoR-IDeA

  • School of Energy Resources

  • Adrienne Freng, Criminal Justice and Sociology

  • Thomas Grant, Honors College

  • Pilar Flores, SEO

  • Ramsankar Veerakumar, Mechanical Engineering

  • Kari Strube, Mechanical Engineering

  • Joslyn Cassidy, Honors College

  • Farrell Rapp, Pre-Award Services

  • Ruben Gamboa, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Randolph Pfeiffer, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

  • Laura Oler, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

  • Jay Fahlsing, Science Institute

  • Raya Hageman-Davis, School of Computing

  • Jim Herrold, Research Compliance

  • Jim Ward, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

  • Chelley Scheider, Research and Economic Development