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External scholarships are developed and funded by organizations external of UW. They are available to the public and can potentially help students cover the costs of their education and education-related expenses. Student eligibility rules are created by the organization offering the scholarship and can depend on many factors. If you are a student who has been awarded an external scholarship or a donor/organization who is funding an external scholarship, please review the below information to comply with UW External Scholarship policy and ensure your external scholarship is applied correctly.

External Scholarship Policy

The UW Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid requires that all external scholarships are submitted with a complete External Scholarship Form. If an external scholarship is submitted without a complete External Scholarship Form, it may be returned to the submitting party and delay processing to the student’s account. As indicated on the External Scholarship Form, the donor/organization should specify whether to issue the scholarship all at once or in two payments. If they do not specify, we will split the amount in half and issue it at the beginning of each semester if the amount is greater than $1000; if not, the full amount will be loaded to the current semester.

External Scholarships should be received, to the below address, by August 1 (fall term) or January 1 (spring term), to ensure timely processing to student account. If received after December 1 (fall term) or May 1 (spring term), scholarships will be applied to the following term, unless noted on the External Scholarship Form.

University of Wyoming
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Dept. 3335
1000 E. University Ave
Laramie, WY 82071-3335


Changes to FAFSA

We encourage all external donors to review the upcoming changes to the FAFSA beginning with 2024-2025. For more information see our FAFSA Simplification website.


Additional Details

  • Please request that donor/organization make checks payable to the University of Wyoming.
    • Checks made payable to award recipient will require endorsement, and delay timely processing to student account.
    • Checks should include recipient W ID#, if not included on the External Scholarship Form, to ensure correct application.
  • UW Taxpayer Identification number (TIN): 83-6000331
  • A student must request, in writing, any financial needs analysis (based upon FAFSA results) that a donor/organization has requested.  Such student requests should be emailed to bromero@uwyo.edu and include any donor/organization forms that were provided to the student.
    • If a donor/organization requires an official transcript at the end of a semester or academic year, the student may request that transcript from the Office of the Registrar.
    • Invoices or Enrollment Verifications can be accessed by the student from their WyoWeb account.
  • Cost of Attendance (COA): The combination of total awards cannot exceed your COA.
  • Hathaway: If you receive a Hathaway Need Grant as an Honors-level student, the grant may fluctuate with the addition of other grants and scholarships, including external scholarship aid.
  • Athletes: If you receive an outside donor scholarship you must complete a Form through the Athletics Department for verification of the award process.

Recommended External Scholarship Search Engines

  • Here are some of the best websites for scholarships you can use to find awards you’re eligible for: 
    • Scholarships.com divides scholarships by a variety of unique categories, including GPA, military affiliation, ethnicity, artistic ability, ACT or SAT score and residing state. 
    • Fastweb combines awards from both large and small directories, and will also notify you when a new scholarship matching your description is posted and when you upcoming deadlines.
    • College Board helps you find awards by your interests, field of study, club affiliations or specific situations. 



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