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If you are planning an event on the UW campus that involves alcohol you must complete one of the following forms:

  • Permission to serve alcohol at the Union

    Please complete the form and forward it to the Union Director’s office for signature -  from there it will be forwarded for final signature to the Vice President for Administration and returned to the Union Events Office.  Please allow AT LEAST one week for processing.

Alcohol Policy for campus events

Please submit the form with original signatures. If you have questions please call Central Schduling at 766-6717.  If you would like to submit this form electronically please forward to central-scheduling@uwyo.edu.

University of Wyoming Alcohol Policy

Project Development Policy and Procedure for UW Capital Construction for Major Projects

Approved by the UW Board of Trustees July 2015 Amended September 2015 and January 2016

President Buchanan has directed that the University implement a new policy with respect to classified staff positions.  The policy governs the salary funds that will be retained on classified staff lines when vacancies occur or when budgets are established for new positions. 

Funding for classified staff positions that become vacant or any budget established for new positions will be set at 15% into the pay grade.  All Section I programs will relinquish funds in excess of 15% over the minimum pay grade for positions vacated by benefited staff. 

Programs will process permanent budget transfers (download form here) moving the excess funds into a central account. Classified staff positions funded through self-sustaining accounts will also be restricted to salary funds equal to 15% into the pay grade although the excess funds will not be transferred to a central salary pool.

4/25/13- Central Position Management Process for UW Staff

8/10/09- CSM and Vacancy Review Memo

2/24/09- CSM Policy Memo

2/27/09- CSM Process Memo

Budget Transfer form

HR Salary Authorization request form


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