Biking on campus

Bike Commuting

Bike commuting to campus is a great, affordable, and healthy way to get around. It's also a fantastic antidote to parking, traffic, and air pollution. Transportation Services is happy to provide the following resources for bike commuters.

Register your bike

  • Bike registration is required for all bikes ridden or parked on campus. Registration is only $5 and can be completed at the UWPD building on 15th and Flint. Check out the UWPD web page for hours and information.

  • The benefits of registering your bike are that it makes recovering your bike, and knowing who it belongs to, considerably easier.

Follow the rules-of-the-road

  • Cyclists must obey all the same traffic laws as automobiles, which includes riding in the same direction of traffic (not against it!) and stopping at all stop signs.

  • Bicyclists must always yield to pedestrians.

  • On-campus, observe all dismount zones.

  • Cyclists are not allowed to ride on sidewalks in-town (as per city ordinance). Please ride with traffic on the street.

  • Cyclists are required to have a light if riding at night.

For more specific regulations, visit the UWPD bike regulations.

Bicycle parking and security

  • Most thefts can easily be prevented by properly securing your bike with an adequate lock to a secure parking facility such as a bike rack.

  • DO NOT lock your bike to handrails, obstruct sidewalks, ramps or doorways. Bikes parked in these areas will be ticketed and/or impounded by UWPD.

If your bike is stolen

  • If your bike is stolen, immediately report it to UWPD by calling (307) 766-5179.

Campus Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Committee

The UW bicycle and pedestrian safety committee helps develop policy and provide support for bike commuters and pedestrians on campus. If you have questions or concerns please contact the committee at


Bike maintenance and air

  • On the southwest corner of the Physical Sciences Building, there is a bike tool and air pump station purchased by ASUW.

  • The UW Outdoor Program provides tools for students, faculty and staff to work on their own bikes during their normal business hours. They have a complete set of professional bike tools to fix practically anything. The Outdoor Program is NOT a bike shop; they do not work on personal bikes, but when the mechanic is on duty you are free to ask questions.

  • There is a free air station, provided by Staff Senate, between the Wyoming Union and Half Acre Gym located against the Union building on the northwest side. Push the black button to start the machine. For Presta valves, you will need to visit the UW Outdoor Program for an adapter or ask for their pump.

  • There are bike shops in Laramie that sell bikes and provide maintenance.

Renting bikes on campus

  • The UW Outdoor Program provides bikes for rent for the semester to UW students, faculty and staff through the Pokes Spokes' Bike Library. See their web site for more information.

Bike lockers

  • Students living in the residence halls can rent an enclosed bike locker for the semester. Please visit the storage locker web page for more information.

Local bike advocacy/activity groups

Bike Friendly University

The University of Wyoming is a designated Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists.

Bike friendly University logo

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