Professor Easton's Publications


"He Wrote the Book on It", 42 Wyoming Lawyer 34 (2019). Westlaw

Historic Trials That Never Were, 41 Wyoming Lawyer 36 (2018). Westlaw

The [Federal Rules of Evidence], They Are A Changing.But Not Much. 41 Wyoming Lawyer 16 (2018). Westlaw

Why Teach Trial PracticeWhen There are "No" Trials?, 50 University of San Francisco Law Review 1 (2016). Westlaw | Hein Online | Lexis

Stephen D. Easton and Julie A. Oseid, "And Bad Mistakes? I've Made a Few": Sharing Mistakes to Mentor New Lawyers, 77 Albany Law Review 499 (2013-2014). Westlaw | Lexis

Reflecting on a Very Good Year, 36 Wyoming Lawyer 50 (2013). Westlaw

Dean's Forward, Land and Water Law Symposium, 12 Wyoming Law Review 275 (2012). Westlaw | Lexis | Hein Online

Stephen D. Easton and Julie A. Oseid, The Trump Card: A Lawyer's Personal Conscience or Professional Duty?, 10 Wyoming Law Review 415 (2010). Westlaw | Lexis | Hein Online

2010 Changes in Disclosure and Discovery Regarding Expert Witnesses, 33 Wyoming Lawyer 26 (2010). Westlaw

Stephen D. Easton and Kaitlin A. Bridges, Peeking Behind the Wizard's Curtain: Expert Discovery and Disclosure in Criminal Cases, 32 American Journal of Trial Advocacy 1 (2008). Hein Online ǀ Lexis ǀ Westlaw 

That Is Not All There Is: Enhancing Daubert Exclusion by Applying "Ordinary" Winess Principles to Experts, 84 Nebraska Law Review 675 (2006). SSRN ǀ Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Toto, I Have a Feeling We Aren't in Kansas Anymore: Using the Wizard of Oz to Introduce Students to the Skills of Witness Examination, 12 Clinical Law Review: A Journal of Lawyering and Legal Education 283 (2006). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Award-Winning Advice, 34 Student Lawyer No. 9, at 32 (May 2006). Hein Online

A Lesson from Oz, 35 Student Lawyer No. 4, at 18 (Dec. 2006). Hein Online

My Last Lecture: Unsolicited Advice for Future (and Current) Lawyers, 56 South Carolina Law Review 229 (2004). Internet (pdf) ǀ Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Turning Criminal Law Students into Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys (At Least for One Day), 48 St. Louis University Law Journal 1217 (2004). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Damages: The Litigation Environment, 2004 Journal of Dispute Resolution 57  (2004). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Damages: Expert Witnesses, 2004 Journal of Dispute Resolution 37  (2004). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Stephen D. Easton and Franklin D. Romines II, Dealing with Draft Dodgers: Automatic Production of Drafts of Expert Witness Reports, 22 Review of Litigation 355 (2003). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Irving Younger's Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination: A Refresher Course, with Additional Suggestions, 26 American Journal of Trial Advocacy 277 (2002). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw 

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send That Expert Right Over: Clearing the Way for Parties to Introduce the Testimony of Their Opponents' Expert Witnesses, 55 SMU Law Review 1427 (2002). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Can We Talk?: Removing Counterproductive Ethical Restraints Upon Ex Parte Communication Between Attorneys and Adverse Expert Witnesses, 76 Indiana Law Journal 647 (2001). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Everybody Knows It, But Is It True? A Challenge to the Conventional Wisdom that the War on Drugs is Ineffective, 14 Federal Sentencing Reporter 132 (2001-2002). Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Ammunition for the Shoot-Out with the Hired Gun's Hired Gun: A Proposal for Full Expert Witness Disclosure, 32 Arizona State Law Journal 465 (2000). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

The Power of Truth: An Honest Attorney's Guide to Winning Jury Trials in a Dishonest World, 62 Texas Bar Journal 234 (1999). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Cashing in your Credibility During Final Argument, 46-Apr Federal Lawyer 30 (1999). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw

Yer Outta Here!: A Framework for Analyzing the Potential Exclusion of Expert Testimony Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, 32 University of Richmond Law Review 1 (1998). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

The Truth About Ethics and Ethics About the Truth: An Open Letter to Trial Attorneys, 33 Gonzaga Law Review 463 (1997/1998). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw 

Whose Life Is It Anyway?: A Proposal to Redistribute Some of the Economic Benefits of Cameras in the Courtroom from Broadcasters to Crime Victims, 49 South Carolina Law Review 1 (1997). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

No Pay, No Play: Trial Broadcast Fees Are Constitutional, 49 South Carolina Law Review 73 (1997). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Lessons Learned the Hard Way from O.J. and "The Dream Team", 32 Tulsa Law Journal 707 (1997) (reviewing Christopher A. Darden, In Contempt). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

A Guide to the Care and Feeding of Judges, 31-Aug Prosecutor 36 (1997). Westlaw

Truth in Trial Overcoming Jurors' Mistrust, 57-Jul Oregon State Bar Bulletin 25 (1997). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

Native American Crime Victims Deserve Justice: A Response to Jensen and Rosenquist, 69 North Dakota Law Review 939 (1993). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw ǀ Lexis

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Books & Contributions to Books

Problems, Cases and Materials in Professional Responsibility, (Thomson-West, 4th ed. 2012) (with James R. Devine, William B. Fisch, & Robert H. Aronson). Amazon

Materials in Trial Advocacy (7th ed., Aspen/Wolters Kluwer 2011) (with Prof. Thomas A. Mauet and Judge Warren D. Wolfson). Amazon

Foreward and Chapter Introductions for The Irving Younger Collection: Wisdom & Wit from the Master of Trial Advocacy (ABA Litigation Section 2010). Google Books

Attacking Adverse Experts (American Bar Association 2008). Google Books

Problems, Cases and Materials in Professional Responsibility, with related Teacher's Manual, and PowerPoint slides (Thomson-West 2004) (with James R. Devine, William B. Fisch, & Robert H. Aronson). Amazon

How to Win Jury Trials: Building Credibility with Judges and Jurors (American Law Institute-American Bar Association Committee on Continuing Professional Education 1998). Google Books

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