Professor Righetti's Publications


Tara Righetti, Les enseignements de l’économie circulaire pour le captage, le stockage et l’utilisation du carbone, Énergie, Environnement, Infrastructure, N° 11, Novembre 2022.- N°

K.K. DuVivier and Tara Righetti, Changing Paradigms for a Low Carbon World, 46 Harv. Env. L. Rev. Online 59 (2022).

Tara Righetti and Joe Schremmer, Waste and the Governance of Private and Public Property, 93 Colo. L. Rev. 609 (2022) (Selected as one of the top 20 articles for 2021 by the Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review).

Tara Righetti, Temple Stoellinger, and Robert Godby, Adapting to Coal Plant Closures: A Framework for Understanding Energy Transition Resistance, 51 Envtl L. 957 (2022) (reprinted in Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Journal vol. 59, No. 1 (2022)

Tara Righetti, Robert B. Keiter, Jason Robison, Temple Stoellinger, and Sam Kalen, Unbecoming Adversaries, 21 Wyo. L. Rev. 289 (2021).

Tara Righetti, Kris Koski, Jesse Richardson, & Sam Taylor, The Carbon Storage Future of Public Lands, 38 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 181 (2021) (reprinted in Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Journal vol. 58, No. 2 (2021) (included on list of top 20 articles in the 15th edition of the Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review, identified as a finalist for reprinting in the Land Use & Environment Law Review).

Baharak Sajjadi, et al., A techno-economic analysis of solar catalytic chemical looping biomass refinery for sustainable production of high purity hydrogen, 243 Energy Conversion and Mgmt. 114341 (2021).

Jennie Perey Saxe, John H. Boman, Tara Righetti, Green reentry: criminal justice reform for a just energy transition, 1 SN Social Sciences 101 (2021).

Tara Righetti, Liberating Split Estates, ­­14 Int’l J. of the Commons 638 (2020).

Tara Righetti, John Smith, and Bruce M. Kramer, Capture or Convert, 34 Probate & Property 26 (2020). Lexis | Westlaw

Collaborative Pipeline Risk Governance: A Response to Professor Gosman, 81 Ohio Law School Journal Online 63 (2020). Westlaw

The Incidental Environmental Agency, 2020 Utah Law Review 685 (2020). Westlaw

Tara K. Righetti, Hannah J. Wiseman, and James W. Coleman, The New Oil and Gas Governance, 130 Yale Law Journal Forum 51 (2020). WestlawLexis

Kris Koski & Tara Righetti, Basic Mineral and Leasehold Conveyancing, Oil & Gas Mineral Title Examination, 4-1 Rocky Mt. Min. L. Fdn. (2019).

Jennie Perey Saxe, John H. Boman IV, Mick Bondi, Urszula Norton, Tara Righetti, Asif Hasan Rony, and Baharak Sajjadi, Just or Bust? Energy justice and the impacts of siting solar pyrolysis biochar production facilities, 58 Energy Research & Social Science 101259 (2019).

Contracting for Sustainable Surface Management, 71 Arkansas Law Review 367 (2018). WestlawLexis

Siting Carbon Dioxide Pipelines, 3 One J: Oil & Gas, Natural Resources, and Energy Journal 907 (2017). PDF | Hein Online

Unseen Injury, 40 Wyoming Lawyer 26 (2017). Westlaw

Correlative Rights and Limited Common Property in the Pore Space: A Response to the Challenge of Subsurface Trespass in Carbon Capture and Sequestration, 47 Environmental Law Reporter News & Analysis 10420 (2017). Westlaw

The Private Pore Space: Condemnation for Subsurface Ways of Necessity, 16 Wyoming Law Review 77 (2016). Westlaw | Lexis | Internet

Transmission and Transport of Energy in the Western U.S. and Canada: A Law and Policy Road Map, Essay, Avoidably Lost: Evolving the Reasonable Use Standard to Reduce Natural Gas Flaring, 52 Idaho Law  Review 387 (2016). Hein Online | Lexis

Righetti, Tara; Godby, Robert; Patino-Echeverri, Dalia; Stoellinger, Temple; Coddington, Kipp.; The Role of Energy Models: Characterizing the Uncertainty of the Future Electricity System to Design More Efficient and Effective Law and Regulations8 George Washington Journal of Energy & Environmental Law 56 (Spring 2017). Hein Online

Stoellinger, Temple; Righetti, Tara.; Coddington, Kipp.; The Expanding Role of the Social Cost of Carbon in Energy Project Development. The Electricity Journal, Vol. 29 Issue 1 Pg. 63-70, January-February 2016. Science Direct

Surface Access to Severed Federal Minerals, 61 Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute 8-1 (2015).

Books & Contributions to Books

Eminent Domain Authority for Gathering: An Alternative Approach, Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US, (Edinburgh University Press forthcoming 2016).

Other Scholarly Publications

The Landowner Must Yield, 2016 Western Confluence 42. Internet

Cover, Danielle; Righetti, Tara: The Ethical Superhero, (The Superhero Project E-book, accepted paper, forthcoming, Spring 2016)

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