Professor Alexander's Publications


Rural Health Inequity and the Air Ambulance Abyss: Time to Try a Coordinated, All-Payer System, 21 Wyoming Law Review 97 (2021). Westlaw | WLR

Distributive Justice and Health Equity: What Crisis Ventilator Allocation Teaches is an Ethical Distribution of Government Health Care Spending, 51 U. Memphis L. Rev. 4 (2021) 

Disclosing Deviations: Using Guidelines to Nudge and Empower Physician-Patient Decision Making, 19 Nevada Law Journal 867 (2019). Westlaw

Autonomy and Accountability: Why Informed Consent, Consumer Protection, And Defunding May Beat Conversion Therapy Bans, 55 University of Louisville Law Review 283 (2017). WestlawLexisHein Online

Victim to Victor: A Right to Health Perspective on Ferguson v. JONAH, 15 LGBTQ Issues in Philosophy (newsltr. of the American Philosophical Association) 1 (Spring 2016). Internet

Denying the Dyad: How Criminalizing Pregnant Drug Use Harms the Baby, Taxpayers and Vulnerable Women, 82 Tennessee Law Review 745 (2015). Westlaw | Lexis | Hein Online

The Critical Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Transitional Justice: A Case Study of Guatemala, 4 UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 477 (1999-2000) (published as Melissa Ballengee). Westlaw

Bajakajian: New Hope for Escaping Excessive Fines Under the Civil False Claims Act, 27 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 366 (1999) (published as Melissa Ballengee). Westlaw

Book Chapter

Rewritten Opinion, Does v. Gillespie, 867 F. 3d 1034 (8th Cir., 2017), in Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Health Law Opinions (Seema Mohapatra and Lindsay F. Wiley, eds.) (Cambridge University Press, 2022) (co-authored with Jennifer Oliva)


Questions & Answers: Health Law, Carolina Academic Press (co-authored with Deborah Farringer) (forthcoming 2023)

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