Professor Selig's Publications


Michigan Affirmative Action Cases: Justice O'Connor, Bakke Redux, and the Mice That Roared But Did Not Prevail, 76 Temple Law Review 579 (2003). Hein Online ǀ Lexis ǀ Westlaw 

Book Review, 1 Wyoming Law Review 263 (2001) (reviewing Archibald Cox, Conscience of a Nation (1999)). Hein Online ǀ Lexis ǀ Westlaw

The 1994 Amendment to the Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure, 30 Land & Water Law Review 151 (1995). Hein Online ǀ Lexis ǀ Westlaw 

Forward: Politics and Law Enforcement, 9 Journal of Law & Politics 239 (1993). Hein Online 

Race in America: Unfinished Business, 28 Land & Water Law Review 345 (1993). Hein Online  

Affirmative Action in Employment After Croson and Martin: The Legacy Remains Intact, 63 Temple Law Review 1 (1990). Hein Online ǀ Westlaw 

Changing the Justice Department's Position in Pending Litigation, 25 Land & Water Law Review 503 (1990). Hein Online  

The Reagan Justice Department and Civil Rights: Professor Selig Responds to Assistant Attorney General Reynolds, 1987 University of Illinois Law Review 431 (1987). Hein Online ǀ Lexis

Affirmative Action in Employment: The Legacy of a Supreme Court Majority, 63 Indiana Law Journal 301 (1987-1988). Hein Online ǀ Lexis ǀ Westlaw 

The Reagan Justice Department and Civil Rights: What Went Wrong, 1985 University of Illinois Law Review 785 (1985). Hein Online ǀ Lexis 

Justice Department and Racially Exclusionary Municipal Practices: Creative Ventures in Fair Housing Act Enforcement, 17 University of California at Davis Law Review 445 (1984). Hein Online ǀ Internet  

Regulation of Street Demonstrations by Injunction: Constitutional Limitations on the Collateral Bar Rule in Prosecutions for Contempt, 4 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 135 (1968). Hein Online  

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