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The Molecular Biology Department’s seminar program is one of the very best on campus. We make a strong effort to bring in visiting scientists who can provide a entertaining, enlightening, and current research report on an important area of molecular biology. Shown below is a listing of the current semester’s seminar speakers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Spring Semester seminars will start at 2:30 pm. and are held in the Animal Science/Molecular Biology Room 103. Due to restrictions because of COVID-19, we are holding these seminars via Zoom until further notice.

Molecular Biology Spring 2021 Seminars



Speaker & Affiliation







Dr. Dan Levy

Department of Molecular Biology; University of Wyoming


Introduction to MOLB Seminar


Dan Levy



Dr. Elisabeth Bik

Harbers Bik LLC


The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Biomedical Research


David Fay



Dr. Beat Christen

Institute of Molecular Systems Biology; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


Systems and synthetic biology approaches to build microbial genomes anew


Grant Bowman



Dr. Laura Buttitta

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; University of Michigan


Polyploidy in animal aging and disease


Todd Schoborg



Dr. Stephen Withers

Department of Chemistry; University of British Columbia


New Enzymes For Cell Surface Modification: Towards Universal Blood


Donald Jarvis



Dr. Lucia Strader

Department of Biology; Duke University


Fantastic ARFs and where to find them: How phase separation can limit transcriptional activity


Thomas Boothby



Dr. Hamed Jafar-Nejad

College of Medicine; Baylor College of Medicine


Regulation of animal development and energy homeostasis by deglycosylation


Donald Jarvis



Dr. James Moresco

Center for Genetics of Host Defense | Biophysics; UT Southwestern


A Simple Protein Fractionation Strategy to Gain Biological Insights with Proteomics


David Fay



Dr. Justine Collier

Department of Fundamental Microbiology; University of Lausanne


Control of genome replication in Alphaproteobacteria


Grant Bowman



Dr. Yvette van Kooyk

Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology; Amsterdam UMC


The glycocode in cancer; novel immune checkpoints


Donald Jarvis



Spring Break







Dr. Ben Montpetit

Department of Viticulture & Enology; UC Davis


Polyadenylation and the maintenance of nuclear RNA processing homeostasis in budding yeast


Dan Levy



Dr. Matthew Macauley

Department of Chemistry; University of Alberta


Assessing the Natural Carbohydrate Ligands of Siglecs through Development of New Biochemical Approaches


Donald Jarvis



Dr. Sandy Parkinson

Department of Biology; University of Utah


Dissecting the Three-Protein Brain of Escherichia coli


Dan Wall



Dr. Inge De Clercq

Department of Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics; Ghent University


Inter-organelle communication through contact sites during plant stress responses


Eunsook Park

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