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The Molecular Biology Department’s seminar program is one of the very best on campus. We make a strong effort to bring in visiting scientists who can provide a entertaining, enlightening, and current research report on an important area of molecular biology. Shown below is a listing of the current semester’s seminar speakers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Spring Semester seminars will start at 2:10 pm. and are held in the Animal Science/Molecular Biology Room 103. Due to ongoing difficulties because of COVID-19, some seminars may be held via Zoom at the speaker's discretion. Information regarding seminar delivery method will be updated here as it is available.

Molecular Biology Spring 2022 Seminars



Speaker & Affiliation







Dr. Dan Levy

Department of Molecular Biology; University of Wyoming


Introduction to MOLB Seminar


Dan Levy



Dr. Jun (Kelly) Liu

Cornell University


A tale of small and long worms: bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling in C. elegans

*This seminar will be held via Zoom only


David Fay



Dr. Arash Komeili

UC Berkeley


Discovery of novel organelles mediating iron homeostasis in bacteria and archaea

*This seminar will be held via Zoom only


Grant Bowman



Dr. Karla Neugebauer

Yale University


Pre-mRNA processing as a regulator of gene output and biomolecular condensation

*This seminar will be held via Zoom only


Thomas Boothby



No Seminar - Semester Break







Dr. Breck Duerkop

University of Colorado


Enterococcal phage-host interactions and mechanisms of resistance


Grant Bowman



Dr. Richard Roller

University of Iowa


Herpesvirus egress from the nucleus: a convoluted membrane story


Donald Jarvis



Dr. Rob Woods

University of Georgia


The role of spike protein glycosylation in modulating SARS-CoV-2 antigenicity and adhesion

*This seminar will be held via Zoom only


Donald Jarvis



No Seminar - Spring Break







Dr. Todd Blankenship

University of Denver


Why We Are Long: The Biology of Cell and Tissue Shape in Epithelial Sheets


Todd Schoborg



Dr. Marc-Jan Gubbels

Boston College


Fussing about fission: untangling apicomplexan cell division plasticity

*This seminar will be held via Zoom only


Stephen Denton



Dr. Jamey Marth

Sanford Burnham Prebys


Protein Glycosylation in the Origins and Progression of Inflammatory Diseases

*This seminar will be held via Zoom only


Donald Jarvis



Dr. Richard Steet

Greenwood Genetic Center


Pushing the Nuclear Envelope: Impact of Lamin B1 Variants in Patients


Donald Jarvis



Dr. Martin Wühr

Princeton University


Proteomic Clues to Cell Organization


Jay Gatlin



Dr. José-Antonio Daròs

IBMCP (CSIC-Universitat Politècnica de València)


Biotechnological assemblies derived from plant viruses


Eunsook Park



Dr. Fred Chang

University of California, San Francisco


 Life in a crowded environment: regulation of cytoplasmic density and nuclear size


 Dan Levy

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