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UWAA Board Officer Team



Committee: Executive
Term Ends:
Hometown: Cheyenne, WY

Joe Evers


Committee: Executive
Term Ends: 2028
Hometown: Denver, CO

Terry Moss


Committee: Executive
Term Ends: 2026
Hometown: Laramie, WY


Christian Lasher


Comittee: Executive
Term Ends: 2025
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

CR Davis


Committee: Executive
Term Ends: 2026
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Terry Moss


Committee: Executive
Term Ends: 2026
Hometown: Chicago, Il

UWAA Board of Directors


Picture of Jane France

Jane France ’11 (Cheyenne, WY)

President, term ends 2028 (Executive Committee)
Picture of Terry Moss

Terry Moss ’95 (Larmie, WY)

Past President, term ends 2026 (Executive Committee)
Picture of Joe Evers

Joe Evers ’13 (Denver, CO)

President-Elect, At Large, term ends 2025 (Executive Committee)
Photo of Christian Lasher

Christian Lasher ’95 (Fort Collins, CO)

Vice President, Colorado, second term ends 2025
Joslyn McGriff

Joslyn McGriff ’05 (Indianapolis, IN)

At-Large Director, second term 2026

Michael Howe

Michael Howe ’93 (Casper, WY)

Wyoming District 7, second term ends 2027 (At-Large Executive Committee) 

Brittany Wells Gray

Brittany Wells Gray ’08 (Green River, WY)

Wyoming 3rd District, second term 2028

Anne Fish

Anne Fish ’89 (Jackson, WY)

Wyoming 9th District, second term ends 2026
John Kreller

John Kreller ’06 (Chicago, IL)

Treasurer, Northeast Region,second term ends 2028

C. Reginald "CR" Davis

C. Reginald "CR" Davis ’05 (Phoenix, AZ)

Secretary, Southwest Region, second term ends 2029
Pepper Jo Six

Pepper Jo Six ’97 (Laramie, WY)

Wyoming District 2, second term ends 2028
Liz Rader Haigler

Liz Rader Haigler ’10 (Cheyenne, WY)

Wyoming District 1, second term ends 2029
Julie Gaevert

Julie Gaevert ’88 (Shoreline, WA)

Far West Region, second term ends 2024
Michael Urbatchka

Michael Urbatchka ’03 (Louisville, CO)

Northeast Region, second term ends 2028
Jane Farrell

Jane Farrell ’77 (Hot Springs, SD)

Emeritus Director, Past President, term ends 2025
Sonja Merryman

Sonja Merryman ’12 (Gillette, WY)

Wyoming District 6, second terms ends 2029
Suweksha Shrestha

Suweksha Shrestha ’21 (Salt Lake City, UT)

Young Alum Director, At Large, first term ends 2025