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Support Students in the Form of Scholarships

Donors find giving to scholarships directly helps students achieve their educational goals. The UWAA is proud to administer the scholarship program to invest in the legacy of UW students who carry the torch of UW pride, knowledge, and innovation to future generations.

Since its inception in 1906, the UWAA Scholarship Program has grown steadily through its coordination of the Scholarship Club, Endowed Scholarships, and the Wyoming License Plate Program. Per academic year, approximately $200,000 is disbursed to nearly 120 students with awards ranging from one to four years.


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Recipient Spotlight


  • Isaac Almejo-Ponce

    Isaac Almejo-Ponce

    Multi-Cultural Alumni Chapter Scholarship

    “I've been fortunate to receive funds through a variety of scholarships, and the UWAA is no different. The picture submitted was taken in London, where I am currently living out the rest of my academic term! Scholarships are what aid my studies at home in Wyoming, and to participate in incredible opportunities such as this one!” 

  • Kaitlyn Polley

    Kaitlyn Polley

    Hershler/Skinner Family Memorial Scholarship

    “Receiving the Hershler/Skinner Family Memorial Scholarship has positively impacted my college experience in so many ways. Not only has it helped pay for my education, but it has also served as a constant reminder of how much support the UW community has for students like me. I could not be more thankful to be part of such a wonderful community.” 

  • Briggin Bluemel

    Briggin Bluemel

    Tuff Samuelson Memorial Scholarship

    “As for the impact of the scholarship, it has helped tremendously with both my educational and professional careers. Obtaining this scholarship has allowed me to focus more of my priorities on schoolwork and my job search which has actually led to me securing a position at a local personal financial planning firm. “




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Alumni Assocation Scholarships

UWAA Scholarships are funded by individual and private donations.

  • UWAA Alumni Scholarships


Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships that UWAA coordinates selection for include:

  • Alumni Assocation Houston Reigon Network Scholarship
  • Alumni Association - Wold Family Scholarship
  • Baillie Family UWAA Scholarship Fund
  • Bill & Nancy Pettus Special Education Scholarship
  • Bruce and Carla Pivic UW Alumni Assocation Scholarship
  • Earline West-Larson UWAA Junior/Senior Scholarship
  • John and Helen Ilsley Family Foundation/Sheridan County Alumni Network Scholarship
  • Hershler/Skinner Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Jeanine and Warren Hodges UWAA Scholarship
  • John and Patricia Eastman UWAA Scholarship
  • John P. Ellbogen Foundation Scholarship
  • John Evezich Memorial Scholarship
  • Kembel Family Alumni Scholarship
  • Mary Lou Rechard Memorial Scholarship
  • Platte Valley Bank Alumni Scholarship
  • Reed Family UW Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Roberta M. Darnall Scholarship
  • Robert W. McBride Alumni Scholarship
  • Tuff Samuelson Memorial Scholarship

Not all endowed scholarships are awarded every year.








License Plates

UW License Plate Program

License Plate Scholarships include:

  • License Plate Funded Scholarship 
  • License Plate Funded Scholarship 
  • License Plate Funded Scholarship 
  • License Plate Funded Scholarship - Grandchild of UW Graduates Scholarship 
  • License Plate Funded Scholarship - Non-Traditional Undergraduates Scholarship 
  • License Plate Funded Scholarship - Community College Transfer Student 
  • License Plate Funded Scholarship - Non-Traditional Undergraduates 
  • License Plate Funded Scholarship - Outreach/Distance 


Since its launch in 2007, the UW License Plate Program has issued 14,800 license plates and generated $1,480,000 for student scholarships and programming. (March 2024)


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