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All alumni and friends of the University of Wyoming are invited to explore our Alumni Travel Program which aims to provide opportunities to learn and connect with fellow curious minds. Whether you prefer to stay local or venture abroad, we are excited for Pokes all around the world to connect and continue to make memories that will last a lifetime.


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10-Day Icelandic Adventure with UW's Dr. Anne Alexander

  • Traverse through Iceland's breathtaking landscapes, from its roaring waterfalls and towering mountains to its mysterious lava fields and rumbling volcanoes.

  • Dive into the rich Viking history and contemporary Icelandic culture.

  • Witness the cinematic vistas of this enchanting land of fire and ice alongside a community of like-minded explorers.

  • For more information contact Dr. Anne Alexander at or to reserve your spot on this adventure contact UW Global Engagement at

   Booking and Deposit Due Before Dec. 1st, 2023

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11-Day Journey Discovering Mongolia with UW's John Koprowski

  • Begin your adventure in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital, and witness the country's spiritual heart at Gandan Monastery.

  • Journey to Hustai Nuruu National Park to encounter the majestic Mongolian takhi horses.

  • Explore the ancient capital of Kharakhorum and the Erdenezuu Monastery, built on its ruins.

  • For more information contact John Koprowski at or to reserve your spot on this adventure contact UW Global Engagement at

  Booking and Deposit Due Before Dec. 1st, 2023










8-Night Breathtaking Cruise Along Mark Twain's Mississippi

  • Your journey begins with a complimentary stay in the iconic city of St. Louis, before setting sail from the city of Alton towards the historic Hannibal, Twain's childhood home.

  • Visit Iowa's oldest cultural institution in Dubuque.

  • Immerse yourself in Red Wing's rich heritage before concluding your memorable voyage.

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10-Night Voyage Exploring the Wonders of The Renaissance and Enlightenment Eras

  • Begin in eternal Rome, sail through the sun-kissed Mediterranean, explore the ancient wonders of Naples and Pompeii, and revel in Messina's viniculture.

  • Amble along the Amalfi Coast's terracotta cliffs, admire Valletta's majestic St. John’s Co-Cathedral, and be enchanted by the artistry of Florence and Pisa.

  • Your journey of romance and refinement culminates in vibrant Barcelona, with a stop at Palma de Mallorca’s art haven.

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